Python 3 porting sprint

If you are in Melbourne next Monday, Ed Schofield is organising a Python 3 porting sprint. The details:

Python Charmers is hosting a Python 3 porting sprint on Monday 28 October from 6pm to 9pm. Come and learn how to port code to Python 3 and get help with porting an open source project you care about!

Python 2.7, released 39 months ago, is the final version of Python 2. All further language features and standard library enhancements will happen only in Python 3.x.

Python 3 contains powerful new features like function annotations, better memory efficiency, saner Unicode handling, and (with 3.4 due in April) packaging improvements and a powerful “asyncio“ module providing features from Tornado / gevent / Twisted in the standard library.

The Python community needs our help in order to make choosing Python 3 a no-brainer. All this needs is more packages with Python 3 support.

With Python’s “__future__“ imports and the “future“ package, it is now easier than ever to provide compatibility with both Python 2 and 3 from a single clean codebase. Come and learn how to write future-proof Python code and make a difference.

The event is free. Bring an open source package you care about and a desire to learn and contribute to the future of Python. We will keep track of how many packages we can port to both versions and publicise our results.
We’ll order in pizzas for dinner and have good music. It’ll be fun! 😉

Space is limited to about 25-30, so if you’re keen, please add your RSVP to this page:

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