Salomon trail run #2 – Plenty Gorge.

There are five things you need to know if you are going to do the long course here next year.

1. There are hills. Short, sharp hills. Nasty little buggers. And lots of them.

Plenty gorge altitude


2. There are four river crossings. Calf to knee deep. You need shoes that drain well.

3. On a cold, windy winter’s day as you wade through the fourth river crossing, you will question your sanity and ask why you didn’t stay in a nice warm bed. 

4. You’ll find yourself running along the top of a beautiful gorge in suburban Melbourne, watching kangaroos bounce by and realise that you are actually quite sane and that life is good… even if you are running in wet shoes!

5. Trail running shoes are your friend on this course. I learnt that the hard way last year when the shortened course was a mud bath.

Bring on the Silvan 21km run later this month. 2 runs in the series down, 2 to go.

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