Highlights of PyCon AU 2013

One day of miniconf, two days of conference, two talks and two days of sprints later and I am exhausted!

Some of the highlights for me, in no particular order:

  • The Django core developer panel discussion at the DjangoCon AU miniconf – intelligent, insightful, interesting
  • Lex Hider’s lightning talk on interfacing PANDAS to Django: Pandas loves ponies (and not just for the name!)
  • Nick Coghlan’s overview of the Python Packaging Authority
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss’s walkthrough of the OWASP Top 10 and how well the Pyramid, Flask and Django frameworks help with web security
  • Simon Knight’s talk on large scale networks: using yEd, networkx, DS3, Mako, Netkit and TextFSM to automate network configuration
  • Simon Meers’ lightning talk on Fitocracy and EatThisMuch, as well as the early-morning runs with Simon and others
  • The talk and follow-up discussions about Growing open source seeds by Kenneth Reitz
  • Richard Jones simultaneously appalling, amusing and educating us with “Don’t do this!
  • Screenshots of Turbo Pascal, a great overview of the current state of Tk and the launch of Cricket, a GUI test runner tool, by Russell Keith-Magee
  • python-nation (don’t install it)
  • The hallway and sprint conversations
  • Lark Distillery whisky! Thanks to whoever organised the night

Presentations that I didn’t get to (but should have) included the talks by Luke Miller and Cody Lovett. The videos will be out soon on both Youtube and PyVideo.

It was another brilliant conference. Thanks to Chris and the other organisers for a fantastic effort (again).

See you in Brisbane for PyCon AU 2014.

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