Notes from MPUG, June 2014

We had over 30 people at the June MPUG meeting. Here (finally) are my notes…

1. “What’s new in Python”

Lars Jencken gave a great update on what’s new in the Python ecosystem, and sent his notes to the list afterwards. Here they are verbatim:





  • Software Developer, Biarri
  • Short term network engineering role, Python Charmers (
  • 6-month role at Medibank (more details?)

2. Machine learning with Pandas and scikit-learn

Chris Hausler has put up the slides and ipython notebook from his talk.

3. pyenv

Tim Asquith introduced us to pyenv, for managing different versions of Python; for example, for testing an application against different Pythons.

For example:

pyenv install 3.4.1

pyenv showversions

pyenv shell 3.4.1

Some random notes:

  • You can autoswitch between Python versions
  • There is support for virtualenv
  • It works with Jenkins

4. Coming up

The next MPUG meeting is Jul 7, 6pm at Inspire 9. Bernie Pope will be speaking on “Implementing Python in Haskell, twice!”

There is an open science workshop on July 19.

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