Notes from MPUG, August 2013

We had another great turn out for this month’s Melbourne Python Users Group meeting at Inspire 9.

Richard Jones, Javier Candeira and I spoke about our highlights of PyCon AU 2013.

Ed Schofield spoke on “The future”, with Python 2 to 3 migration. My hastily scribbled notes included:

  • Most people in the audience are still using Python 2, with a few people using Python 3 (as well as Python 2)
  • PEP 404: There will not be a Python 2.8
  • Alex Gaynor: “Python 2 is the next Cobol”
  • Python 3 wall of superpowers
    • This used to be the wall of shame
    • boto is not yet ported?
  • Lots to like in Python 3
    • New syntax, eg function annotations
    • Changed semantics for some functions, eg. input(), int(), zip(), super(), str(), round(), …
    • Byte string semantics with Unicode; Py3: explicit conversions
  • from __future__ import *
    • for backporting
    • print, proper division, Unicode literals, absolute imports
  • Ed’s “future” module
    • v0.3.3
    • from future import *
      • write Py3 code that can be imported into Py2?
      • “Migrating strategy” notes by Alexandre Vassalotti, 6 points for one-way migration: Py2 -> Py3
      • Improve your test strategy, port to Py 2.6, enable Py3 warnings, …
  • “python-futurize” script, uses 2to3 script
    • runs with Py2 and Py3
    • converts to Py3 code with Py3 idioms 
    • need to manually fix Unicode
    • demo with the “iso8601” package from PyPI
  • PEP 414 – “Developer energy should be reserved…” quote
  • Good porting guide:
  • There are lots of key scientific libraries now support Py3
  • PyPy now supports Py3

Javier spoke about his work investigating different Python libraries for interfacing with Github. He is currently using githubpy, which has a (relatively) small number of lines of code, no non-stdlib imports, and it’s apparently well worth reading to see how it’s done.

Other notes:

  • We had an interesting mix of Python users and from a show of hands, not many people are doing web development
  • We should be using pillow for image processing instead of PIL 
  • Pyweek is coming up!  If you want to get involved, look at Richard’s pygame tutorials
  • Python 3.4a1 is out
  • PEP 8 has been updated

The next meeting is September 2, 6pm, at Inspire 9.

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