PyCon AU runs

Last year I organised casual morning runs at PyCon AU 2012 and it worked well; various people joined in for different runs across the four days of the conference and sprints.

We saw some great parts of Hobart and had some interesting conversations spanning everything from Django and Python to Strava, veganism, and programming while working out on an exercise bike (apparently fun but the sweat is murder on keyboards).

So, the runs are back again for this year’s PyCon AU; if you would like to join us for an early morning run, pack your running shoes and read the info below.

If you are a runner and not sure you are fit enough:

  1. These runs are designed to be inclusive, not a race
  2. The runs are designed to be 5 – 6 km long and we will aim to run them at a 5:30 – 6:00 min/km pace. If we have enough people who want to run faster, we can always split into two groups
  3. The runs are out and back, so even if you fall back, we will pick you up on the way back and you can’t get lost (unless you try really hard 🙂

If you are not a runner:

  • I would encourage you to still get some exercise in the midst of days of talks and hacking on a laptop; perhaps organise a ride or walk around Hobart: it is a beautiful old city with waterfront vistas, historical buildings, hills, good coffee and excellent pastries (if you haven’t found Jackman & McRoss yet, then add it to your Hobart to-do list)
  • Consider joining us next year. There are some good “introduction to running” programs that you can do yourself, including “Couch to 5K”

The details for the runs

MEETING PLACE: Wrest Point Casino main entrance (Riverview level), near Reception and the Gift Shop. [1]

START TIME: 7am sharp, aiming to be back around 7:30 – 7:40, giving you time to shower and eat before the conference starts at 9am.

SATURDAY: Run to Constitution Dock and back via Battery Point and Salamanca Market. 6km

SUNDAY: Sandy Bay run — out to the Sandy Bay foreshore track (lots of great beach views) ~ 5.5km

MONDAY: Hills! Up to Lambert Park and the bushland near Nelson Rd. 4.5 – 5km and a really good workout

TUESDAY: Popular vote — any of the previous runs or perhaps a longer run up to Cascade Gardens & Brewery (8.5km)

IF IT’S WET? I will still run if it’s drizzling. If it’s a torrential downpour, I’m sleeping in. On the sliding scale between drizzle and downpour, it is safe to assume that I will be more likely to run than not, so see you there.

AND REMEMBER: It can get a bit cold in Hobart in winter. Long sleeve top, mittens and a running cap or beanie are probably worth packing.

[1] Here is the casino floor plan (PDF) in case you are not sure of the location.

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