Notes from MPUG, December 2012 – part 2, as well as January & February 2013!

Firstly some housekeeping: there’s no MPUG meeting this month. The next meeting will be on March 4, 6pm at Inspire 9.

The February meeting was moved to January 28 to avoid a clash with Tim Berners-Lee visiting town. Unfortunately the new meeting time clashed with LCA and the Australia Day weekend, which meant a number of people, including myself, couldn’t make it.

In lieu of not posting anything about the Jan/Feb meeting, here is the continuation of my notes from the December 2012 meeting.

Ed Schofield from Python Charmers spoke on 10 cool things about Python:

  1. Inline plotting in IPython – in a “notebook” in a web browser or the Qt console
  2. IPython interfaces – R & Cython as well “magic” interfaces¬†
  3. The collections module in the Python standard library
  4. dict and set comprehensions
  5. %pdb magic in IPython
  6. The Pandas library
    • For data analysis and modelling
    • Came out of the hedge fund industry
    • DataFrame object for manipulating data
    • Excellent support for working with CSV, SQL, Excel files
    • Inbuilt support for pivot tables
  7. The requests library: “HTTP for humans”
  8. WeasyPrint – ACID2-compliant HTML and CSS rendering to PDF
    • Really cool!
    • Uses “print” CSS for formatting
  9. scikit.learn Рa general purpose machine learning library for Python 
  10. The Python ecosystem in general

Lars from 99 Designs spoke about Eigenface in analysing logo designs:

  • Eigenface: uses eigenvectors for recognition¬†
  • Using PCA (Principal Components Analysis) from scikit.learn
  • Some interesting techniques that could be used across a range of image recognition/analysis domains
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