PyCon AU 2012 highlights

PyCon AU 2012 was held this last weekend (Aug 18 – 19) in beautiful Hobart. Here are some of my highlights…

There were two great keynotes by Mark Ramm and Kenneth Reitz.

Mark Ramm's keynote at PyCon AU 2012

Mark Ramm’s keynote

The biggest problem of PyCon AU? Too many good talks on at the same time! Apologies to the various friends whose talks I didn’t get to. Maybe next year? That combined with running three hours of tutorials across the two days meant I didn’t end up seeing as many talks as I wanted, but I did get to the following talks:

Quote of the conference?

>>> True = False
>>> True == False
Peter Lovett's talk on Python's dark corners

Peter Lovett visiting Python’s dark corners

As always, I walked away with a long list of new tools, libraries and web sites to check out: MyTardis, Python Guide, Sikuli, R-Tree and a bunch of web tools: fabric, diazo, gunicorn, nginx, daemontools, celery, memcached, stathat.

There was a fantastic collection of inspiring, interesting and amusing lightning talks at the end of each, including talks on dancing robots, automating logins to banking web sites, Sikuli (again) and Python 3.3 highlights.

Another highlight was the cruise down the Derwent River to Peppermint Bay to the (yummy) conference dinner.

Conference dinner cruise

Derwent River cruise

Conference dinner menu at Peppermint Bay

Conference dinner menu

There were lots of other highlights: the conference was very well run, good food, lots of interesting chats in the corridors and between talks, and the early morning runs with conference people.

The view from the conference at dusk

The view from the conference at dusk

And finally: excellent “African Swallow” coffee from Ritual Coffee in Launceston — thanks for the top-notch strong flat whites and the business card: I never realised that “Bean Shepherd” was a profession!

It’s now on to two days of sprints.

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