Notes from MPUG, July 2012

These are my notes from the July 2012 Melbourne Python Users Group meeting at Inspire 9.

Bianca Gibson – Blender games using Python

Bianca demoed Whirlstrom, a game written in 48 hours, as part of the Global Game Jam competition.
The game uses Python scripting within Blender, with the logic and workflow defined by “bricks“.

Javier Candeira – OAuth: why, what & how (authorization and authentication with oauth and duct tape)

Javier gave an overview of OAuth, which is for robots; it’s like OpenID, but for authorisation not just authentication; summarised in the OAuth authentication flow diagram.

Javier gave a live demo of the rauth library.

Chai Ang – Getting started with Jython

Jython is at version 2.7alpha2 (30 May), but the stable version is still v2.5 and there was no v2.6.

It’s a good glue language for Java library code, and Chai showed examples from JDBC and Swing.

Jython is used by BEA Weblogic, IBM Websphere and more…

Jython is really only useful when you need to use Java libraries; eg using the (bettter?) Java XML libraries or deploying django inside JBoxss (for ease of distribution).

Graeme Cross – Command line argument processing showdown: a battle between four different ways in the standard library and also some PyPI modules

I gave a talk based on some of the prep work for one of my PyCon AU 2012 talks. If I pull my finger out, I might actually get around to posting the talk here! 🙂


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