Notes from MPUG, February 2014

There were thirty people present for the first Melbourne Python Users Group meeting of the year. Alas, I had work committments and didn’t make it, so no notes, but for the record here are the details of the three speakers and their talks:

Ed Schofield, Update on Python-Future for Python 2/3 compatibility

Tennessee Leeuwenburg, Verification: The Quantitative Science of Knowing how Wrong You Are

Rory Hart, Metaheuristics and Python

Rory posted a useful email to the group today:

Thanks to all those who watched my talk last night. I’ve uploaded the code[1] etc if you would like to take a closer look.



And for extra credit, the paper I based my implementation on:

Christos Voudouris, Edward Tsang, Guided local search and its application to the traveling salesman problem, European Journal of Operational Research 113 (1999) 469-499

[1] Note the code was written for ease of demoing and explanation rather than performance.

Thanks to Inspire 9 for hosting the meeting.

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